Monday, February 11, 2013

Xavier Visits The Battleship North Carolina

    We had a very fun filled weekend. Last Saturday, February 9th was my birthday. My sister and her husband and two boys, Jimmy and Sam came down to celebrate with us. We had a lot of fun. Sunday, we decided to visit the Battleship North Carolina. Despite how long we have all lived here none of us had been to the Battleship before so it was a lot of fun to visit it together.

  If you have never been on the Battleship North Carolina I highly recommend that you go. However, if you have a baby like we do I recommend you be an expert at baby carrying. We used the Moby Wrap to carry Xavier through and I had our diaper bag back pack which worked well. However, you must be able to climb up and down ladders with your baby strapped to you and bend forward and backward a lot. Plus, it is about two hours to walk through so make sure you have everything you need, there are no restrooms except at the beginning and end of the tour. Luckily, Nick and I were ready to tackle the tour. He decided he would carry Xavier in the Moby Wrap and I would carry the diaper bag. It worked out well! (If you do not know much about the Moby Wrap check out my review, Review:Moby Wrap).

   We walked onto the boat and the first thing you get to look around are the outside decks. They had some amazing views and really were the best places for photo opportunities. There is not much room to take a lot of pictures inside and plus with the indoor lighting it was hard but I managed to get some nice outside shots.

    The tour is self guided and usually takes about two hours. Due to us all having little ones we moved through pretty fast but it still took us about two hours. Needless to say it is a really fun tour with a lot to see and do! It was a beautiful day yesterday so we were really excited that we took advantage of it!

Make sure you get a chance to visit our fabulous Battleship North Carolina in Wilmington, NC.

For more information about the Battleship North Carolina, visit their website at

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