Friday, February 15, 2013

Top 5 Most Unnecessary Baby Items

     If you have been following along with my Review posts you will see that the last five weeks I devoted to the Top 5 Most Needed Baby Items. Here they are (just click to read why they are in the top five) 1) Diaper Champ 2) Cloud B Sleep Sheep 3) Moby Wrap 4) Ameda Purely Yours Breastpump 5) Bumbo Floor Seat. Just as what is important to buy when you have a new baby is what NOT to buy. Babies can be expensive and need a lot of stuff. So be sure not to waste your precious money and space on these items which are very unnecessary!


#5 Baby Powder
     If you do not end up buying baby powder, no doubt someone may end up giving it to you. Save yourself the space and put it in your bathroom if you use it and keep it away from your baby. Baby powder is no longer needed or even recommended anymore. Even though it smells good the American Academy of Pediatrics recommend against using baby powder because it can cause breathing problems and serious lung damaged when inhaled, and it's also not always easy to keep the powder out of the air where your baby might breathe it. The worst culprit is talc-based powders which have small easy to inhale particles. Plus, there is no evidence that baby powder helps to prevent or treat diaper rash. The best prevention is to clean and pat dry your baby's bottom after each diaper change and then apply a thin layer of a protective ointment or cream.

#4 Carseat toy bar and/or covering

  I put these together because many times they come as a package deal or if you think one is necessary you may buy into the other. Car seat toys are fun to have and are good if they clip onto the straps. However, you should stay away from the toy bar because it is unnecessary. If your car seat is properly installed in the car your handle should never be down in front of baby. Therefore, the toy bar is not necessary because your baby will not be able to reach it when the handle is pulled back. If you want car seat toys get the ones that dangle or attach to the straps instead.
     The car seat netting is usually unnecessary because you will find that many babies do not like to sit in their car seat when not in the car. It is extremely rare that you will be pushing baby in a carriage with the car seat. Let alone so often that you end up needing the netting. If you think this is a necessary item get the netting that goes over your stroller and many times you can use that as well over a car seat.

#3 Newborn Clothes
     Of course I am not saying that you should not buy any clothes for your newborn. However, do not buy any clothes for your little one in the "newborn" or "0 to 3 month" category. You will find that your baby however small when it is born grows rapidly and especially in the first month. Many times once your baby is at least eight pounds he or she will fit into the "3 to 6 month" clothes. Which is what you should buy instead. Also, to note make sure the majority of baby's clothes are "6 to 12 months" as those are the ones you baby will be in the longest. I even know of some moms whose eight to nine pound baby never even got to wear the newborn clothes. Also,  take note when buying pajamas try to get as many pajamas with zippers as possible. It is not easy to change diapers in the middle of the night in the dark with snaps. I have to admit I don't know why they still sell those.

#2 Crib Bedding Sets

      I will admit I bought right into this as well. As soon as we picked the theme idea for Xavier's room I bought the beautiful bedding set where everything matches. However, a lot of moms have told me they wished they did not worry so much about the bedding sets. They are an unnecessary waste of money. First there is the bumper. It is not recommended that you put bumpers in cribs anymore it is a suffocation hazard for your baby and when they old enough that they will not suffocate from it they can climb on it and tumble out of the crib. Secondly, there is a comforter that is also never used. It is too thick to use as a blanket for baby. Those two items have the most elaborate design and fabric and you cannot even use them. Save your money and buy separate pieces. Buy a nice crib skirt you will see it all the time and also buy two or three nice sheets and some pretty blackout curtains for the baby room instead. You can buy breathable bumpers if you like the look of them. However, I have not seen them incorporated into a crib set yet. Also, if you already bought the cute crib bedding set and you happen to be a wiz on the sewing machine you can make the bumper into a teething guard that goes on the rails of the crib and the comforter into curtains.

#1 Wipe Warmer

    The number one Top Most Unnecessary Baby Item is the Wipe Warmer! I am not even sure why they bother still selling these. Ask just about any parent and they will probably happily hand you over the one they have that is in perfect condition because they never used it. It sounds sweet. You think "how nice would it be not to wake up my sweet baby with cold wipes in the middle of the night. Instead nice warm wipes". However, they never work well with the wipes actually coming out. Then, you have to constantly make sure there is enough water and moisture in them or they can burn the wipes and they smell really bad. (Just what you have time to do when you have a newborn). Then, do you really think it is a good idea to have a machine that has warm moisture on a changing table. I think that is a huge breeding ground for bacteria. Lastly, if you baby does like the wipe warmer they will get so used to it that when you are traveling and use a cold wipe your baby will scream even louder something you will not want to happen when you are out in public. Plus, if you have a boy, let's just say he is less likely to pee on you if the second you open his diaper you put a cold wipe on him. Not so with a warm one.

 I hope that the last several weeks of baby items have been helpful to parents who are expecting or to friends who are considering what to get their pregnant friends. Remember baby's come with a lot of stuff and every parent does things differently. However, these Top 5 Most Needed and Top 5 Most Unnecessary should at least help you weed out the bad things and make room for the necessities. Hopefully, this will at least make a new parent's life just a little bit easier.



  1. I definitely agree with everything in here most especially the baby clothes. They grow fast and you'll be surprised that the ones you've been buying for them isn't suited for them anymore. There are more baby products that are definitely more important.

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