Friday, February 8, 2013

The Power of The Smile

     It is amazing how much sweeter life gets when you have a baby. We have been having a very trying and stressful week, scratch that, month and I have to admit there is one very special thing that always helps Nick and I keep going and that is Xavier's smile.
    No matter how exhausted, upset, or stressed you feel one little smile from your baby and you feel as if you can tackle on the world. It truly is a reminder of what life is all about. I know that no matter how bad my day is when I see Xavier smile my day is so much better because of him and how sweet, fun and loving he is.
      It usually takes babies about a month before they actually smile at you and I still remember Xavier's first smile. I was reading a book to him and he looked up at me and smiled the biggest smile I think I have ever seen. I of course cried and said "You DO like me!". From that moment on we have been blessed to have an extremely happy baby because Xavier smiles all the time at everyone. He just goes into life head first with a big smile on his face. It is a lesson all of us adults really need to see. Just how easy, sweet and fun life really should be, through the eyes of a child.
     When you have a baby many things will change in your life. However, I think the biggest surprise that I never thought of is just how much I will change. I am much more relaxed and less anxious since having Xavier. I am much more easy going and go with the flow. I used to be very uptight and have schedules and lists and worry all the time. You would think that would get worse with having a child, but actually it's gotten much better. I don't depend on schedules. I still use lists but for things they should be for, such as groceries and stuff. I am not as anxious or stressed out. I figure if everyone in my house is fed and happy that is a good day! If I make it out of the house with Xavier and only two spit up stains on my shirt. That is a good day! It is amazing to me just how much at peace we are now. I know there is nothing that matters more then the little smile that I see on Xavier's face when I get him from his nap, when it's meal time or when I sit down to play with him. There's nothing that matters more then the little kisses and hugs I receive from him and it is the best way to brighten my day.

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

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