Friday, February 22, 2013

The First Snow

    When you become a parent one of your favorite things is introducing your child to new things. You cannot wait to see how excited they get at the new things they get to experience. As much as I loved growing up in upstate New York. I love living in coastal North Carolina even more. My main reason is the weather. I love the fact that it is sunny and warm pretty much 11 months out of the year. We barely ever see snow and if we do it is just a dusting. I have had plenty of snow in my lifetime. In fact until Xavier arrived I did not even care if we got snow in North Carolina. I was happy when it melted.
    However, we were lucky to get just a light dusting of snow this year. It only lasted about two hours which is my kind of snow! Of course the second I saw it I bundled up Xavier (notice I didn't bundle myself as it was not that cold) and outside we went. I was not surprised that Xavier loved it! He loves water, he loves the wind in his face and he loves being outside. Something I am very grateful for since he is a boy. Perhaps when he is older he will climb trees instead of my furniture. For now though, he went outside and enjoyed the snow with me!
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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