Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Review: Bumbo Seat

   This is the last review of the Top Five Most Needed Baby Items. The Bumbo Floor Seat is the #5 of the Top Five Most Needed Baby Items. The other four were 1) The Diaper Champ, 2) Cloud B Travel Size Sleep Sheep 3) The Moby Wrap 4) Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump 5) The Bumbo Seat! Check back on Friday, February 15th for a list of the Top Five Most Unnecessary Baby Items. (Don't worry they will all be in one post not spread out on another five weeks).
   I have to admit I had a little bit of a debate about this spot. It ended up being between the Bumbo floor seat and the bouncy seat. If you can add a #6 to the list it would be the bouncy. However, I ultimately decided to put the bumbo as a necessity because of it's versatility. The bouncy seat although extremely useful is not as versatile as the bumbo.
    Many of you who are up to date on baby items may wonder why I have chosen the Bumbo seat as the #5 spot considering the problems it had this year. First of all this seat was recalled, but only because Bumbo decided the seat was much safer with the straps on it. If you have an old Bumbo you can call and get the straps sent to you for free to put in the seat. The new seats are sold with the straps in them. I will admit I started using the seat without the straps and then it got recalled and we got the straps. The straps do come in handy. In fact we got ours just in time, because Xavier was figuring out how to roll out of the seat. You will be glad you have the straps because it does not take much for your little one to figure out how to wiggle out of the seat. Secondly, the Bumbo seat is advertised as a floor seat, not for tables or other chairs. You should always keep an eye on your baby in this seat. I will admit to using it on tables and chairs, but only with Nick or I within an arms reach of Xavier so I do not worry. Please keep these factors in mind when you use the Bumbo seat with your baby.

    The Bumbo seat is the most versatile seat made today. Your baby can use it starting about three months to almost three years old! It comes in blue, pink, green and purple and has an optional tray you can add onto it. The Bumbo seat enables babies to sit upright, it fits baby's posture with a contoured seat, and it is soft, comfortable and easy to clean. It is extremely lightweight and easy to carry and travel with. For how soft it is and easy to clean it is also very durable. It does not get marks or anything.

     A funny story, while we were traveling somewhere and packing the car. Nick put it on the roof of our car to then, put in the car and forgot to. We drove away with the Bumbo seat on the roof. We drove about two miles when it fell off, bounced in the road and into a ditch. We heard it, realized what he did, pulled over, and got the Bumbo seat which was still in perfect condition without even a scratch on it. Also, one of the things I like best is all the different uses for it. You can put it on the floor and let baby sit in it and play, you can use it as a highchair on the table or chair (even add the tray). It works great in the bathtub and my favorite place is at the beach! It works great in the sand so Xavier has his own seat. It stays cool and the sand falls right off of it. You can't beat how durable and versatile it is. I am sure if you have friends with babies they will have a Bumbo. You will not be able to believe how great they really are!
    If you are getting ready to have a baby or know a new mom who is get a Bumbo Floor Seat today!
Check back on my blog on Friday, February 15th for the Top Five Most Unnecessary Baby Items!

Bumbo Seats are sold at many retailers including
Babies R Us and Target
Retail they usually go for $44.99
You can also find out more about the Bumbo seat and their other products at

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