Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Precious Time

     When you have a baby there are two things that end up being very precious commodities; time and sleep. Time goes by too quickly as you watch your little one grow up a little more every second of every day. Sleep is what you wish you could get but even when you have the chance you are afraid of missing something or worried, or even sometimes both.
     Sleep is an extremely precious commodity in our household right now.  Xavier is once again in the midst of teething. We are waiting and waiting and waiting for his top two fang teeth to come in. You can see them and you can feel them. We know Xavier feels them constantly and they are ruining my happy little man's time right now. Plus, they are ruining sleep for our entire household. I got up for perhaps the fourth time the other night and even Vito, the dog gave me a sad, tired look like "please stop that kid from crying". Needless to say we are all exhausted. So when I got up the other morning to this picture. It was a precious sight.

 My poor guys exhausted and trying to get a couple extra minutes of shut eye. How sweet! They are such wonderful guys, especially when they are sleeping.
     I would like to say that I snapped a couple of pictures and then went back to bed to get some rest as well. However, as soon as I snapped my pictures and walked away Xavier woke up and it was breakfast time.
     How quickly time flies even if you are sleep deprived.

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