Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Parental Power

    Many times during the day, especially for stay at home moms you say to yourself. "I am just a mom". Sometimes you even feel a little sad about that. Not that you regret your child but that you feel as if you should be accomplishing more in one day then say making sure that your child eats. However, if you think about it, there is no better job or sense of accomplishment.  I cannot speak for moms of daughters as I only have a son right now, but I can say as a mom of a son I know that I have and will always have a great influence over him. A mom is a very powerful and gratifying "thing" to be. What do Elvis, Martin Luther King Jr., and Ghandi have in common? They were raised by some pretty great moms. Moms help shape the men they turned out to be. I have always heard that it is important to put the time and effort into your kids especially in the beginning. Put the effort in the beginning and it will pay off in the end. I sincerely applaud those moms and many other moms. They put their effort in and made sure they gave 110% to their kids.
  Of course, there are still amazing people who turned out great without a stable mom. However, one cannot help but wonder if they could have been even more successful if they had an incredible mom backing them up as well. I think many times that parents underestimate just how much power they really do have in their children's lives. For as much as the parent is waiting by the phone to ring in hopes to hear from their children, there are just as many times that the child is also waiting by the phone for the parents' call. Children look to their parents for approval. They learn from their parents, their perceptions of the world are first seen through their parents. They learn all about the human spirit, body and behavior from their parents. There are too many times you see a child go up to their parent with a toy or with a piece of paper that they did a picture on and proudly show it to the parent who says "that is nice, now go play"not even realizing that that comment will stick with that child for a very, very long time. Bad comments stick even longer then good comments. All children want is love and approval. All older parents want is to be needed. What many children and parents alway miss seeing is that they will constantly need each other. Throughout time their relationship will change back and forth, but the underlying principles will remain the same.
    In conclusion, stop and think, think how powerful of an impact that you really have on your child. Many times, moms, you have literally created your child and now you are helping to shape them into who they are going to be. You not only owe it to them and to yourself but also to society as well to make sure that they turn out to be good, righteous, caring, empathetic and ambitious human beings who always know how powerful a parent/child relationship can be.

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