Tuesday, February 12, 2013


     This past weekend my sister, her husband and her two boys Jimmy and Samuel came to visit for my birthday. We had a lot of fun. (See yesterday's post, Xavier Visits The Battleship).  What I think is such a neat relationship are cousins. They really are a mix between a sibling and a friend. It is fascinating to see Xavier enjoying his cousins. Xavier loves kids of any age. The whole concept of another little person just delights him. He gets extremely excited when other kids come to play with him. In fact I find it funny because many times he is so excited he doesn't really play much he just sits there laughs, and waves his arms a lot. However, he had a lot of time this weekend to play with Jimmy and Sam.

     My sister and I found it really fun to just sit and watch the kids. It is funny to see how a like they are and how much they resemble us and our parents. You can see certain traits passed down from parent to child to grandchild. Some of my traits are in my nephews and some of Xavier's traits are from my sister. Yet, some traits are found from our parents. You really can see the generational lines.
     I also think it is neat that cousins have an instant bond. Even if they don't see each other very often if you tell a child "This is your cousin" you will be amazed how instantly they are accepting of one another and it is an instant friend. It is amazing how children think. They already know how important family is. Whether it is family through bloodlines or family that you have made for yourself in your community.

                                        Samuel, Xavier and Jimmy

    Although we are very close with our blood family. Many live far away. It is important that we have our own community family as well. We have been very blessed with many good friends and neighbors whom we also call family. One of my big beliefs is to teach your children to surround themselves with loved ones. You can really thrive if you know you have loved ones to lean on when things get tough. We are so very lucky to be able to be close to all of our family!
    I hope especially with Valentine's Day coming up you remember to tell all of your loved ones how much you care about them! You never know how much you need them until it may be too late. Be sure to appreciate everything and everyone that you have in your life.

                                            My sister, Marla and I

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