Monday, February 4, 2013

Animal Discipline

     Around the age of ten months you are told that now is the time to start setting boundaries for your child. Not to introduce crazy discipline but to start to introduce them to the house rules. You know the usual, don't touch, HOT, no eating dog food, no pulling the cats tail. Basically, the word NO. I literally just got the email today about "Teaching Your Baby NO". Apparently, I started early, because once Xavier started crawling and then especially standing up I instigated "No". I actually think he sort of gets it. He knows certain items are "No", outlets, dog food, dog water, a giant jar of coins he tries to knock over the first chance he gets. I say "No" to him and he stops and looks at me. If it is something I have already told him "No" for before he heads on his way to get into something else. If it is a brand new item he just found, we must repeat the "No", touch, "No", touch, "No". Until finally I get tired of saying "No" and move him.

   I admit I have had a lot more patience using the "No" command than I thought that I would. Then, the other day I realized why it does not bother me to use the "No" command. You see, we have pets. Two cats and one dog to be exact. We have always had pets and are huge animal lovers and supporters. Therefore, I have discipline for them too. Although we do not use the "No" command. You see with the cats it is "Pssst" and sometimes a sprinkle or squirt of water if it is around. When it comes to the dog it is "AAAAtt" (kind of like a grunting sound). So I am used to catching living things doing something they are not supposed to and using a sound to avert them. Needless to say my days now are filled with the many sounds of "AAAttt", "No", "Psst", "No", "AAAtt" and the occasional "Give Me That" from all four of them (human, feline and canine).

   You know you have had one of those days when you use the wrong sound on the wrong species. Yes, I have occasionally "AAAAtt" at the baby, or "No" at the dog. However, it was particularly funny the other day when Xavier and I were cleaning the bathroom. Well, let's be honest I was cleaning the bathroom sink, and Xavier was well, playing with the magazine on the floor. He then, discovered the bathroom wastebasket and went for it. The second he grabbed it I was on him like a hawk and said "Pssssst!" and flicked my wet hand at him to sprinkle water on him. He just looked up at me and laughed his big belly laugh. When I realized I had disciplined him the way I would the cats instead of the simple "No". I started laughing too. Oh, well, needless to say he still realized not to touch the wastebasket and we both got a big laugh out of that one.

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