Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Xavier's First Christmas

     Our Christmas season is finally over. I know this post is over due but you see in our family you do not just have one or two days for Christmas. We have the whole week. We spread out time with our families to see them on different days. So we have been busy visiting and having family visit us. I had hoped to end this post with a cute picture of Xavier as a New Year's baby but our New Year's was not all that great. Unfortunately, the Arbia Family is sick with colds. So we spent New Years laying on the couches and sick. However, we had a fabulous Christmas with our family.
    Xavier was really excited about Christmas. Of course he did not understand it all but he still got very excited about everything. He loves playing with the wrapping paper so he learned how to open presents very easily. We only got him a couple of presents but he does like to play with them. There were only two that were maybe a little too old for him at the moment but he will love soon enough I am sure. We were also very fortunate that so many family and friends sent gifts for Xavier as well so he had a lot of fun opening them. He seemed to enjoy all the fun with our family and friends and food as well. All in all it was a great Christmas and Nick and I were so excited to share it with our son, Xavier! Children really do make Christmas much more exciting.

Here are some pictures of our Christmas fun. I hope you all enjoyed your holiday season as well!

                                        Xavier excited to start Christmas morning

                                         Xavier and Nick opening presents.

                                         Xavier, Nick and dog, Vito opening presents.

                              Xavier helping his buddy, Cameron play his new video game. 

                                         Merry Christmas from the Arbia Family!

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