Monday, January 14, 2013

Xavier Goes To The Aquarium

    After almost two weeks of all three of us sick. We were delighted that this past weekend was 78 degrees Saturday and Sunday and gorgeous outside. So we packed up the car and headed out for as much fun as we could fit in!
    I had been wanting to take Xavier to the NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher. Nick and I love the Aquarium and we were waiting until Xavier was old enough to really enjoy it to take him. Apparently, nine months is old enough to enjoy the Aquarium, because Xavier really did seem to love it as much as we did.
  I love the alligator part of the aquarium, but they moved a little too slow for Xavier. He was much for fascinated watching the fast and colorful fish.

   One of the best things was the giant aquarium full of lots of fish. He could stand on the floor and lean up on the tank and really watch the fish. He thought that was great. We just relaxed and spent most of the day in front of that aquarium, just pointing out fish to him and watching his reactions. It was fun watching him see all this for the first time. He would jump a little if a big fish got really close to him. However, when he realized it was coming for him he would then smile.

    If you have a little one at home I highly recommend you take them over to the aquarium for the day. You will love seeing the wonderment that is in their eyes as they see things for the very first time. We also went in the afternoon which did not have as many people as it was about two hours before closing so it was nice to have it quiet and peaceful. It was a beautiful day to look at the beach and such as well.  When you are a parent you really never get tired of introducing new things to your little one as it is always so fun to see their reaction to new things.

For more information about visiting the North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher, visit their website

NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher

Children under 2 years of age are free!


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