Thursday, January 3, 2013

Top Ten Blog Posts of 2012

   I would personally like to thank each and every one of you for reading my blog. I just started this blog in July of 2012 and it has only been up for a little over six months and already I have received over 3500 views and have many who are regular followers. I am very grateful to be able to share something so meaningful to myself with all of you. I hope that I give you hope, ideas, a funny story or make you think about things in your life in a different way. I know it is especially hard this day and age to connect with other parents your age with children your children's age and I hope that this helps you feel connected. For those of you without children I hope I give you some funny stories to read, fun recipes to try and all around make your day a little brighter. Thank you all for your love and support. In case you missed them, here were my Top Ten Blog Posts for this year (or the six months I had my blog). Check them out!

Top Ten Blog Posts for 2012

10) Infant Trick or Treating
9) A Visit From Gram and Poppa
8) Review: Olive Garden
7) Christmas Photo Mess Ups
6) Flap, Flap, Flap Away
5) Xavier Goes To The Fall Festival
4) Review: Catch Seafood Restaurant
3) Review: LeapFrog My Pal Scout
2) Baby Food: Millet Cereal
1) Beef Stroganoff Guest Post

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