Friday, January 11, 2013

The First Haircut

   Yesterday was a big day in the Arbia family. Xavier got his first haircut. I realize not many babies get their first haircut at nine months. However, well, we are italian, meaning lots of hair and Xavier has had a full head of hair since birth. Nick and I had postponed it as long as possible in hopes to get adorable curls. However, neither of us have curly hair so that may have took a while and when it started to get in Xavier's eyes and ears pretty bad we knew it at least needed to be snipped in those places.

    I turned to my trusted hair stylist and good friend Jamie Warzel. I had already scheduled a hair cut and color for myself so we squeezed in Xavier after. I really just needed her to let my poor son be able to see and hear again.

     It started off really good. Xavier loved the cameras and attention on him. Of course, he loved Jamie and was doing flirty smiles with her the whole time. Everything was going great for about five minutes or so and he started to get antsy and did not like sitting still. So I sat next to him and tried to hold him still for a little while. That worked about another five minutes. Then, the eruption started. He was very upset. I don't think it was the haircut at all it was just the fact he couldn't move around. So, we wrapped up the haircut quickly.

   Luckily, Jamie is a professional she snipped just enough so that we can still see his adorable hair but also we can see Xavier's eyes and ears now as well.

     I never got a good after shot picture as Xavier was crying so the after shots are later that day at home. We even kept some of his hair to put in his first curl box that our good friend Bill gave us. I can't believe my little man already lost his baby hair, but I am so glad we had a great friend to be there with us on this great milestone. Thanks Jamie for your great hair stylist skills!


  1. Awesome story Renee! I'm so honored you asked me to do his first haircut! Haha, I love his little tongue sticking out in these photos! You're a great friend, with a great family!



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