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Review: Moby Wrap

    If you have been following my reviews lately this is my third week of doing the Top Five Most Needed Baby Items. This is number three, The Moby Wrap. (Here are the other two, Diaper Champ, and Cloud B Travel Size Sleep Sheep).  When you have a new baby you are faced with the many different types of baby carriers. We received a few hand me downs of very nice carriers, however, they were just not working for us. I would always have problems with straps digging into my shoulders. They did not seem to support Xavier very well. (He has always been a large baby). They were not comfortable to wear at all. I ended up getting a Moby Wrap because of the raving reviews and I liked the idea that it was all fabric and it could also cover me when I needed to nurse Xavier.
   This is the BEST carrier I have ever seen. I have yet to like any other carrier. I tell new moms about the Moby Wrap all the time and tell them to get one and get it before the baby gets here! It is the best invention you have ever seen. It is a very large piece of fabric that you tie around yourself. They give you an instruction guide with all of the different holds. The entire thing comes in a bag. It is easy to fold up and put back in the bag and it is all machine washable. What I like best about the Moby Wrap is that it is easy to put on, lightweight, soft and really holds Xavier very tight even with him squirming around.
    The Moby Wrap holds babies from 8-35lbs. I will apologize I do not have more photos of Xavier and I using the Moby Wrap. When he was little we used it constantly, but they were mostly days of his and my crankiness or me running crazy errands with him in it so there was not many photo opportunities. I will admit we do not use the Moby Wrap as often now, since Xavier is standing and crawling he constantly wants to go not be held. However, we used the Moby Wrap from when he was born until about 7 months at least weekly. It is great to get chores done, walk around in it, and even run errands at the grocery store and such. My favorite thing was before he was able to sit up on his own he loved to go grocery shopping with me and I would put it on at home, drive to the grocery store, put Xavier in it and walk around the store. He hated sitting in the car seat while I shopped so the Moby Wrap was perfect for him. Plus, what is so great about the Moby Wrap is that you can breastfeed with it. It has so much fabric you can use it to cover up with or if you wrap a certain way baby can feed while you are walking around. How much better can you get? I will admit it had a couple flaws that could use a little fixing but it's bonuses outweigh them. Be careful of the color you get, especially if you live in a hot climate, it is very hot. I made the mistake of buying black as that was all that the store sold at the time. It is way too hot to wear outside when it is warm out. They sell many different colors in basic and modern colors, some with designs, some with organic fabric, some with a UV protection guard of SPF 45+, some in a MLB design edition, and some Dolcino woven wraps made in Germany. The other issue is only if you are a petite person. The fabric bunch is very long and a few of my friends who are small said it was a lot harder on them because it was too big. If you are petite you may want to try one from a friend first or check the return policy.

    The different holds are really nice to have with the Moby Wrap. You will see as your baby grows that they get comfortable in different types of situations. For the most part we stick to the Hug and Hold. Now that Xavier is older though he also likes the Hip Hold.  All the positions are easy to figure out. If you do not understand the photos and directions you can go to their website and watch the videos. The videos really helped me be a Moby Wrap pro! They recommend that baby faces in towards you in  all the holds as it can be too stimulating to have baby face outward. I do agree with that as Xavier did not like being facing forward in it too much. I did have him forward a little bit when he was younger around the house he liked to look at things and honestly my arms needed a break from holding him. Here is a picture. Please know though that Moby Wrap does not recommend forward facing positions.

Moby Wrap Positions

Newborn Hug and Hold
Hug and Hold
Hip Hold
Kangaroo Wrap and Hold
 The Moby Wrap is perfect for moms and dads. It is not only a great carrier but it is also great for skin to skin contact and breastfeeding as well. If you are in need of a baby carrier or know a new or expecting parent who could use one pick up a Moby Wrap today.

You can purchase a Moby Wrap on their website
BabiesRus and Target also sell Moby Wrap
Moby Wrap retails for $47.95 for the basic to $160.00 for the woven one.

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