Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Review: Infantino Slim Neoprene Shopping Cart Cover

   I am very excited to have been selected as a Test and Tell Mom for Infantino and get to test out their new Slim Neoprene Shopping Cart Cover. I got it just in time for the crazy Christmas shopping so we got to give it a good test drive. In fact I apologize for not having a picture of Xavier in it in a shopping cart as well, but the stores were mobbed so it was hard to take a picture.
    Many moms wonder how necessary a shopping cart cover really is. I have had a few people ask how necessary I think it is. I can tell you this I could not live without one. We had an Infantino shopping cart cover already but it was a very bulky old one that was a hand me down. However, it got the job done. The reason shopping cart covers are so important is that your little one most likely will not want to sit in the car seat very often. I know with Xavier we could barely get him to be happy in his car seat while driving there was no way that he would stay in it while shopping as well. Before he could sit up I would shop with him in my Moby Wrap, but as soon as he could sit up on his own the shopping cart cover came into use and he loves it. He really feels like he is contributing and he is up front in all the sights and sounds of something new so it adds to the shopping adventure. Plus it has straps and is clean. Many shopping carts the straps are broken they are dirty, wet and sometimes cracked and unsafe. Instead of inspecting carts you can throw your shopping cart cover over it and be done. That is why I was so excited to try out the new Slim Neoprene Shopping Cart Cover from Infantino.
    There are many great things about this shopping cart cover. My favorite is really the obvious it is extremely thin and light. Unlike many of the older styles the neoprene material makes it so lightweight. I also love that when you use it on a shopping cart it actually snaps around the handle so you have some clean comfort when pushing as well. I will admit it  is a little harder to put on most shopping carts then the older styles but it covers better and is safer. However, plan on needing two hands. I found it best to leave Xavier in the car while putting it on a cart in the parking lot or put him in it and then do the snaps. The strap is nice and long so it loops around and makes it very secure for your little one.

    We also use our shopping cart cover a lot as highchair covers when we go to restaurants. They come in handy for safety as well as entertainment. I was disappointed that this did not come with any toys on it at all. It does have a pocket for your smartphone I guess so baby can play with it. Not sure how many moms let their infants play with their smart phones but I'm sure I will find something the pocket will come in handy for. There are loops where you can hook toys to it which is what I ended up doing in the restaurants to keep Xavier busy. The material is great as many liquids do not stick to it and bead right off. Of course it is machine washable if needed. However, I found it was easier to keep this clean while Xavier was eating which was a definite bonus.
   The Slim Neoprene Shopping Cart Cover does have a pocket for you to fold it into. However, I found it incredibly hard to get it to fold down into it. That really did not bother me as you can roll or fold it however you want and it is still very small to fit in a large diaper bag. However, I typically roll it and put it in between the straps of our diaper bag and it fits there perfectly.
   I definitely think Infantino got things right with this Slim Neoprene Shopping Cart Cover. Definitely, slimmer is better and for the few cons it does have the pros out weigh it and it is only $29.99 which makes it a great value for the money and a definite must have as a parent of an infant.

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I have received the Slim Neoprene Shopping Cart Cover from Infantino to facilitate my review.

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  1. These look fab and I love how nothing seems to stick. What is neoprene? Is it a synthetic material? I'd love to know if they are stocked in Australia or do you think I could get one delivered here? Jasmine

    1. Neoprene is a type of synthetic rubber that maintains it's flexibility in a wide temperature range. I'm sure you could find it in Australia. They sell it on Babies R Us and Toys R Us and it is made by Infantino, they have their own website as well you may be able to see if one ships to Australia. Otherwise see where in Australia Infantino products are sold.



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