Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Review: Diaper Champ

      Many new moms are always asking me what baby items are necessary when they have their first baby. I admit before I had Xavier I asked the moms I knew the exact same question. You want to be as prepared as possible without spending a fortune and some things are better to get after the baby is born. The Diaper Champ by far is one of my top five must have items for a new baby! We love our Diaper Champ. It is an amazing invention. What surprises me the most is that many new moms register for the Diaper Genie instead of the Diaper Champ. I was at a friends' house recently letting our kids play together and I had to change Xavier's diaper. She had the Diaper Genie. Wow, I never realized how glad I am that I have the Diaper Champ and now I am writing this review not only because this is a great product that I believe in but because I think too many of you have not heard of this fabulous invention!
      You are probably thinking that all diaper pails are the same. However, you are completely wrong. This Diaper Champ is so much better then the others for a few reasons. First, is the opening where you put the diaper is so much bigger then the Diaper Genie.

You may not think it is that bad to squish your newborns' poop diapers into the Diaper Genie. However, when your child is wearing size three diapers and has a big diaper (we can leave the graphics out). You do not want to have to squish up the diaper anymore then necessary to get rid of it. I simply fold it and put in Diaper Champ. You do need to make sure the sticky flaps are not out as they can get stuck but that is the same with all diaper pails and even garbage cans. Once the diaper is in the hole you move the handle to the other side and Voila! Your stinky diaper is in the pail and you did not have to squish it or smell it.

      The best part about the Diaper Champ is that is takes normal 13 gallon garbage bags. Yes, you read that correctly. REGULAR SIZE GARBAGE BAGS! You do not need special cartridges or even bags for the Diaper Champ. Of course Baby Trend does offer you their special Diaper Champ refill bags for maximum odor control. However, I am pretty sure they make a bunch of garbage bags with odor control as well if that is your problem. We bought the Diaper Champ and no more items necessary. I even have a couple of friends who use this Diaper Champ with their cloth diapers. They put them in it and wash when it is full.

                 This is my Diaper Champ the older version. You can see the garbage bag sticking out!
      This is the new Diaper Champ Deluxe which is the same size and comes with Blue or Pink trim.

   The Diaper Champ, is also now called The Diaper Champ Deluxe. I have an older version then the new one that is out now. The new Diaper Champ Deluxe comes in white with blue or pink trim. It holds around 30 used diapers and it is wipe clean with soap and water, waterproof and odor resistant. Xavier is nine months old now and our Diaper Champ has gotten a work out from him and it is still working fabulously and is definitely one of our favorite items.

Pick up a Diaper Champ Deluxe for you or for the expecting mommy you know at
Target or other retailers

The Diaper Champ Deluxe by Baby Trend sells for $29.99

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