Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Review: Cloud B Travel Size Sleep Sheep

Review: Cloud B On The Go Travel Size Plush Sound Machine Sleep Sheep

   For the next few weeks I am doing a review of the top five most needed baby items. At least in my opinion anyway. The Cloud B On The Go Travel Size Plush Sound Machine Sleep Sheep is my #2 most needed baby item. (For number one check out my blog post, Review:Diaper Champ).  I never bought this item, in fact I did not even register for this item. A good friend of mine bought this for me as a shower gift. My first impression was that it was adorable and a very nice gift. However, I had no idea how necessary this item would become until Xavier was born.
   This is not Xavier's lovey. He actually does not seem to have much attachment to this other then he falls asleep faster and deeper when we use this sheep. After two or three nights of struggling to get Xavier to sleep when we first brought him home. I finally remembered this sleep sheep and put it in his cradle and pushed a button and magically he was lulled to sleep. The Cloud B On The Go Travel Size Plush Sound Machine Sleep Sheep is a plush eight inch sheep with a box inside of it. (It is only held by velcro so easy to remove to wash the sheep). It plays four soothing nature sounds; gentle stream, spring showers, ocean waves, and whale sounds. It has two sleep timer options 23 and 45 minutes. Plus a variable volume control to adjust the volume. What I love about this travel version is the small size is convenient. It is easy for us to travel with and it has a velcro strap that easily attaches to cribs, car seats and strollers. It also only takes 2 AA batteries which last us a couple months.

   We have used this sleep sheep multiple times a day since we brought Xavier home. Every time we put Xavier down to sleep either for bed or a nap we hit the sleep sheep button. When he was in his cradle in our room he had the sheep and now that he is in his crib in his own room he has the sheep. What is also nice is that he did seem to prefer different sounds. When he was a newborn he loved the whale sounds. Then once he was in his own room for a while he switched to liking the ocean sounds. Now that he is older he loves the gentle stream. To be quite honest Nick and I like to go to sleep listening to it as well as we hear it through our monitor.
    One of the biggest issues when having a baby is getting them to go to bed at a reasonable hour and stay asleep. This sleep sheep does the job. There have been many mommies I know who never go anywhere without this sleep sheep and I frequently now give it to friends who are getting ready to have a baby.

   If you are having a baby soon or know a new mommy, go out and get the Cloud B On The Go Travel Size Plush Sound Machine Sleep Sheep.
You can buy the sleep sheep (which also comes in a larger size) at
Babies R Us
 the travel size reviewed here is $25.99

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