Thursday, January 10, 2013

Little Boy

    So my baby boy has turned 9 months on Christmas. This is his nine month picture. We take a monthly picture every month in this chair. It is amazing to see him transition over this first year. They really do change and grow up quickly. My baby boy is turning into a toddler and it is amazing to see all the things he learns. Everyday is something new. It is wonderful to have a baby especially a baby boy you can really teach them so much and he is always going to be my little man.
    I thought this is a great poem for those of you who are parents of boys. Enjoy every second because they go by quickly.

Little Boy
A baby boy is so unique
So tiny, sweet and ever meek.
It's fun to imagine what he thinks
Between those coos and little blinks.
Though now he's just a babe, you'll find
That busy is his little mind.
Learning, watching, listening
To every single little thing.
As you look into his eyes
You see such wonder and surprise
He's just so sweet, and when he smiles
Your heart just soars for miles and miles.
by Andra Mccoy

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