Friday, January 18, 2013

Ball Training

      Many parents of boys have ideas or day dreams of what types of sports their sons will play when they get bigger. Some parents even make sure to get their sons on the pee wee soccer, football or baseball teams. If you have met Nick or I you will know we are not those parents. Not that there is anything wrong with those parents. It is just that neither Nick or I got what we affectionately call "the sports gene". We were never good at sports. I like sports and enjoy playing them but usually once the game got really competitive I ended up being benched.
    If Xavier ends up with any type of sports ability it will not have been obtained genetically. However, we do encourage activity in as much of a sports like fun that Nick and I can figure out. So when I say we are "ball training our son". I am sure you must think, " Oh maybe he is playing football or baseball". No, not for that. We are ball training Xavier because we have a giant black lab who has been patiently waiting since the day Xavier was born to pick up a ball and throw it for him.
      Our loving black lab, named Vito, is a wonderful dog whom we adore. He is so very loving and gentle and well behaved. He has been extremely patient with Xavier since he was born. He has let us forget to walk or play ball with him or even let him out. He has let Xavier pull on his ears and jaw nonstop. Yet, he still loves us and Xavier. His only real motivation is for someone to throw a ball for him to go and get and bring back.
    Nick and I have had years of playing ball everyday with Vito. So when we found out we were going to have a child naturally our thought was. "Wow, maybe the baby will like to throw the ball for Vito". Yes, that was one of our many thoughts. Nick and I both grew up with dogs and we know how important, and fun having a pet is when you are a child and we expect Xavier and Vito to just continually get closer and closer as time goes on.
    It is easy to introduce a ball to a baby. They naturally will want to play with it. However, it is just lately that Xavier has figured out how to throw and even roll a ball. Xavier loves to play ball with us. He will throw you a ball or roll you a ball and  you can play it back and forth. He actually has a pretty good arm for a little guy. This week, Xavier has realized that when he is playing with a ball Vito is very close by (in hopes Xavier will throw it). Xavier does not understand that he needs to throw it far away, but what I thought was adorable was that Xavier will roll or throw the ball to Vito. He expects Vito to roll it back. Vito actually did nudge the ball back to Xavier a couple of times. Only to realize that Xavier does not understand to throw it far away.
    I caught these pictures this week of Xavier rolling the ball to Vito. Vito just keeping the ball. Xavier gets frustrated and takes the ball and crawls away with it. Oh well, I guess we have more ball training to go before they figure out how to play ball with each other.

   I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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