Thursday, January 31, 2013

All Boy

          They say in some baby books that all babies are different. They reach different milestones at different times. They will like and dislike different things. They also say that boy babies and girl babies if put in a gender neutral environment will still develop certain boy and girl traits. Traits such as boys will still like boy items like trucks and balls and girls will tend to pick the dolls and stuffed animals to play. I am beginning to see this unfold in my house.
      We did not know what Xavier was when I was pregnant. We kept his gender a surprise. Which by the way was one of our best decisions ever and I definitely plan on doing with the next one. Therefore, when getting toys for our baby either through hand me downs or new, many were gender neutral. Sure, some are definite like my son has a pink play table, and a couple pink stuffed animals. He also has trucks, balls and drums. What I find so fun to do is just sit and watch him play. It is so neat to see your baby learning how things work. I frequently just let him be him with his toys. I try not to direct him with how to play with the toys but to let him find his own way to play with them. I am not a child expert on what is best to do with babies but this is just what seems natural to me.

    I think the funniest thing is he is beginning to like the so-called boy things better. He loves balls and trucks. He loves his drum set and stacking rings. He frequently likes to bang stuff together to hear the different noises they make. It is funny to watch my baby becoming a little toddler boy.
     The other night was particularly funny. After he ate dinner and got it all over himself. I decided to just take his shirt off and let him play in just his pants until bath time. It was hilarious to see my BOY crawling around without a shirt. He then proceeded to spin his drumsticks in his hands grunting and hitting the ottoman with them. Then, he decided to crash his cart into the walls and grunt.
     That is correct. I have a burping, farting, grunting, crashing, drumming, squealing BOY! For all the noises and craziness. I am totally in love with him and think he is perfect the way he is and I am so excited to see what else he is going to turn out to be.

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