Friday, December 28, 2012

Xavier's First Yule

   We were excited to celebrate Xavier's first Yule which was the winter solstice on December 21st. We had a fun time decorating an outside Yule tree. We don't have any evergreens in our yard so we just did a regular tree. I strung popcorn and cranberries to go around the tree and Nick put peanut butter and birdseed on pine cones to put inside the tree for the animals and birds. Xavier had fun hanging outside with us and helping decorating the tree. 

   We then came inside and stayed warm while we read about Yule and lit our candles to symbolize our days getting longer again. It is always fun to celebrate new holidays with Xavier. I have to admit that sometimes I like the simplicity of our pagan holidays much more then other holidays. It seems like many other holidays have so much "stuff" and "things to do" that the pureness of the actual holiday and what it symbolizes are gone. We are doing new customs with our pagan holidays to be able to incorporate Xavier into them as much as possible. This makes them new and fun to us. I hope we are starting traditions that will always remind us of the reason for holidays not just the "stuff".

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