Monday, December 10, 2012

Xavier Loves Pita Delite

  It is no secret for anyone who knows me that one of my favorite restaurants is Pita Delite. They have delicious Mediterranean food. We are frequent visitors. I especially loved Pita Delite when I was pregnant. I ate their hummus pita multiple times a week. It got to the point that when I would walk in they would start making me two hummus pitas one to eat and one to go for later. When Xavier was born they even gave me a free hummus pita as a congratulations. He has since frequented the restaurant many times with us. However, Friday was the first day Xavier got to eat at Pita Delite with us. Of course I ordered him his own side order of hummus and pita bread. He loves going out to eat no matter where we are the sights, sounds and smells just make him overjoyed but the hummus he really loved eating as well. He would get a spoonful, swallow and get all excited until we gave him another spoonful. The pita he liked as well, but the consistency was a little hard for him to swallow since he has no teeth yet so we will probably hold off on the pita until he gets his teeth but the hummus is definitely going to be something he gets to eat more often.

If you live in Wilmington stop by, they have two locations one in Monkey Junction and one on South College.

Pita Delite Monkey Junction
5916 Carolina Beach Rd.
Wilmington, NC  28412
Phone: (910) 799-6692
Fax: (910) 799-6693
(Mon-Sat 10:30 am - 9:00 pm)
(Sunday 11 am - 8 pm)
Pita Delite Wilmington
317-B S. College Rd.
Wilmington, NC  27403
Phone: (910) 392-0028
Fax: (910) 392-0048
(Mon-Sat 10:30 am - 9:30 pm)
(Sunday 11 am - 8 pm)

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