Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Infamous Christmas Card

    We have not done a Christmas card in a while. Actually as I write this I am not sure I have ever done a Christmas card. However, I love to get them. It is a nice way to know that our friends and family are thinking about us throughout the holiday season. Since we now have Xavier I really wanted to try to do a Christmas card. Especially since we never did birth announcements (we had our hands and wallets full with baby needs at the birth). So I thought this would be a great opportunity to get a good picture of Xavier to all our close friends and family.
    We really had great intentions. In October I was thinking about our Christmas card picture. I wanted us all in the matching red shirts. Our dog Vito with reindeer antlers on. Us in Santa hats. I could picture the whole thing in my mind. We are always on a budget so we would have to do the picture ourselves or have a friend volunteer. We even borrowed a friends' Santa suit to see if we could take a fun picture of us all in the Santa suit.
    October and November came and went and no picture. The entire month of November Xavier was ruthlessly teething and was always in a miserable mood and not feeling well. Vito, the dog hates wearing the reindeer antlers.  The extra strain of that plus the holidays plus normal everyday life made the idea of family photo day dwindle and dwindle. Not to mention getting us all in nice, clean outfits and bathed at the same time and in happy moods just was not working with our busy schedule.
   Finally one day I got fed up and decided I would at least try to get a good picture of Xavier for the Christmas card. So I put him in his Christmas outfit when he wasn't as grumpy, took out some Christmas props and took tons of photos. Out of all the photos I took that day only these three were really usable on a Christmas card...

   Although he still took some adorable and funny shots, Check out my blog post Christmas Photo Mess Ups for those shots. I decided on the middle picture for our Christmas card. We also decided to make the card say Happy Holidays since we celebrate Yule and Christmas and New Years and knew that many of our friends celebrate different holidays as well. So I uploaded the photo to CVS and made a card and got them all in an hour for an extremely reasonable price. I highly recommend using CVS for all your photo needs. We use them a lot for photos, cards, canvas prints, etc. So here is our Christmas/Holiday card we sent out!

    Needless to say I have learned my lesson this year and I will be prepared much better for next year. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season with your family and friends!

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