Monday, December 17, 2012

The Christmas Tree

      We have been very excited this holiday season to be able to share the holidays with Xavier. Children really do make you appreciate the small things so much more. It has very neat to watch Xavier's expressions on different holiday things, such as Santa (he does not like him), and the Christmas tree which he likes but is still timid around. 
      Nick and I actually decorated the house one night while Xavier was in bed. We thought it was much easier to do without worrying about him getting into all the hooks and ornaments. So we quickly decorated and cleaned before he woke up the next morning. The next morning the expression on Xavier's face that there is a tree in his house was priceless. He just kept looking at it and you could see the wonderment on his face. 

    Since the tree has been up Xavier has been checking it out little by little everyday. I hold him a lot and we look at the tree together. I have encouraged him to touch the tree a little. (I know I will regret that next year when he is a toddler pulling down the tree). It is funny because he will reach out and ever so lightly touch the tree and pull his hand back very quickly. As if he is afraid it may bite him. However, his curiosity always wins because he always tries again to touch it. He just started touching ornaments and lights. Now, every time I am holding him and we walk past the tree he wants to touch it. He is still timid at touching it, but you can see he gets braver and braver each time. 

   It is amazing to see how much children progress in such a short time. Although I am not sure how much of this Christmas he will fully understand I still look forward to what he is going to think of everything and how he is going to react. He never seems to disappoint. 
     I hope you all are holding your little ones a little bit tighter and are having a wonderful holiday season so far. 

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