Friday, December 21, 2012

Story Time

    When you become a parent you will inevitably end up having certain goals or aspirations for your child. It's ok to admit it. We all really just want our kids to be happy and healthy but secretly you know you want your child to maybe find a cure for cancer, or be the next president or do something fantastic. Of course, why wouldn't they? They are YOUR child and they are spectacular! I have to admit I never had high goals for Xavier. Not that I do not think he is spectacular and can do anything he wants, but I have a belief that if I think of a goal for him I may be missing out on something spectacular he will think up for himself. So going into mommyhood, I really only had two goals for Xavier (other then the happy and healthy). I wanted to try to get him to be a good eater and a good reader. So far the eating is taking off, and I'm pretty sure that may not have been the best thing to hope for since my grocery bill is slowly sky rocketing. However, the other day he did something that melted my heart and made goal #2 a reality.

    If you know me at all you know that I am an avid and fierce reader. I have always read. I have worked in libraries, and I am a huge fan that knowledge is power and you can get that knowledge from books. I made a point to always bring this into Xavier's life. At my baby shower we had guests bring a book for Xavier with his present, which even now is still really special. I may not remember who gave us what outfits and baby items, but inscriptions on the inside of his books are read to Xavier every time they are opened and they remind us that we are loved and supported.
    We make a point to have books accessible all the time. We always read to him before bed, and before naptime. We also periodically read stories throughout the day. We take books along on trips as if they are toys and I put some books out everyday for Xavier to play with as well as toys. It was important to me for Xavier to see them as fun and always available not always right before sleeping.

    I have no idea how well my method was working until the other day. I was sitting in the chair on the laptop. (No doubt probably blogging). Xavier was playing on the floor in front of me. I noticed him playing with one of his books, which he normally does. Then, the next thing I knew the book was plopped in my lap and he was tugging on my leg to get up in my lap. "AWWWW" He wanted me to read him his book. Of course I scooped him up and we read the book together, (pretty much through tears that my son actually wanted to read) and he really seemed interested in the book. I could not have been prouder of Xavier. Even though I am with him every day, there are still certain things that wow you and take your breath away. I guess that is one of the many amazing things about being a parent.

On a different note, just to let you all know that this is my last blog post until Wednesday, December 26, 2012 due to our Yule and Christmas holiday. We are very excited to celebrate Xavier's first Yule and Christmas and don't worry there will be lots to share when we come back. I wish you all a Happy Yule and a Merry Christmas. I hope you spend the holidays with your friends and family and if you are traveling have safe travels.

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