Thursday, December 6, 2012

Standing Up Tall

    The other day my baby boy, Xavier hit a big milestone on his way to becoming a toddler. He stood up! He had stood up before but not on his own and not for very long with out us right next to him. He can now stand for a like 10 minutes or more. He loves standing a lot now. He cannot always get up on his own. Sometimes we have to put him in a standing position but he holds it for a long time. Good thing the house is now baby proofed since the crawling and now standing has commenced. Time really does go by very fast. I have made sure we enjoy each minute as much as possible but there is really no way to prepare yourself for how you are going to feel when you finally see your little one standing on their own. You are so very proud and yet sad to see the bundle of joy you carried for so long to finally have that first step of not needing you anymore. All I can say is look out world, Xavier is coming!

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