Thursday, December 13, 2012

Roaming Free

    One of the things I now love to do with Xavier that he is crawling is let him roam free. The majority of the time I make a "furniture playpen". I actually have a gate to put around everything but Xavier hates it, I think he can tell he is stuck in it too easily and frankly it's too hard for me to pick him up out of so instead I arrange our couch, loveseat, ottoman and chair into a square with his play mat on the floor and he plays there. He can escape but they are small holes so he has to be very motivated to. I love to let him out of the "furniture playpen" and just see where he goes and what he looks at.

    You would be surprised what your baby finds interesting and fun. I think that is exactly where that saying "through the eyes of a child" comes from. Xavier loves shoes. If he finds my or Nick's shoes it is always the first thing he picks up and plays with. He gets very excited to be roaming around the house and discovering things. It is especially helpful on rainy days if we do not get to get out of the house this provides entertainment for him that is fun and he enjoys it. I just am on High Alert for anything he gets into. We have baby proofed our house for the most part now but we were slack in rooms we could close the door to so if I let him in those rooms I am extra careful.

   These pictures I took last night. We let Xavier roam around in the kitchen. After dinner was all over him we took off his clothes and he had a little while before bath time so we let him roam free in the kitchen for a little while. He really seemed to enjoy the linoleum floor the best. It is amazing the simple joys your kids teach you to appreciate in life.

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