Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Review: JVC GZ-EX210BU Wi-Fi HD Flash Memory Camcorder

    A very important thing when you have a baby is to make sure you have very good recording equipment. You need to have a nice and easy to use digital camera and video camera. Nick and I were lucky to have already had a nice digital camera that we knew how to use. (Well, he did I am still learning it). However, we were in need of a new video camera. Let's face it once your little one starts moving it's much easier to catch all those great moments on video then trying to get them to sit still for a still photograph.

    We picked up this brand new JVC GZ-EX210BU Wi-Fi HD Flash Memory Camcorder at Best Buy and we are loving every second of it. It has been a long time since I really have used/needed a camcorder. My husband loves them. However, since I have Xavier during the day it is up to me to catch many of the magical moments he has.

    I love this camcorder. It is by far the easiest camcorder I have ever used. It is extremely light weight. It feels like a toy. It records on SD cards which are perfect because we have a ton of them. It has an easy to use touch-screen and the software to edit the videos comes with it. What is also nice about this camera is it has Wi-Fi. Which is great because you can also use it as a security camera and you can remotely check in on it and use the zoom function. I can set it up to monitor the house while we are away and it can video it or even take a motion picture if the motion sensor goes off. It is always nice to have multiple uses for equipment.

   Here are some fo the JVC's features: 3" Touch-screen LCD display, K2 technology, manual focus, Konica Minolta HD lens, advance image stabilizer, Night recording, photo mode, Dolby Digital Sound, 40x/200x digital zoom, rechargeable lithium battery, HDMI and compostie A/V interfaces, Wi-Fi equipped and Everio MediaBrowser 4 software.

     The battery life on this camera is very good and the software that comes with it is very easy to use. The software is very basic and not a lot of neat things you can do with it, but it gets the job done and for the price of the camera I think it is sufficient software to get you started.
    As a busy mom I wanted a camera that I can grab and record and put videos online as quick as possible. This has allowed me to do just that. What used to take me weeks to covert everything now I am able to record and put online in a matter of minutes. (depending on how much editing I want to do). The lightweight makes it easy to fit in my purse or bring with us and have ready at a moment's notice. I highly recommend the JVC GZ-EX210BU Wi-Fi HD Flash Memory Camcorder, it is definitely a worth while investment to capture your magical family memories.

Here are a couple of videos that we took with this camcorder.

You can purchase your own JVC GZ-EX210BU Wi-Fi HD Flash Memory Camcorders at Best Buy for around $239.99 or at other retailers

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