Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Review: Imaginarium Alphabet & Numbers Foam Puzzle Mat 36 piece

     While shopping at Toys R Us this week and taking advantage of a great sale of diapers we saw these Imaginarium Alphabet and Numbers Foam Puzzle Mat 36 pieces on sale. We were given a small mat similar to this as a hand-me-down when Xavier was born. He and I really liked it. These foam mats come in very handy if you have pets. We have a dog and two cats. There is no possible way that I can vacuum as much as I would prefer and Xavier always plays right where we always walk and the pets play so with him crawling I try to keep it as neat as possible. The mat comes in handy. As I pull it out and put it on the floor and put Xavier and his toys on it. The small mat worked for a while until he started moving. It was only nine squares and it was not very colorful and did not have any numbers or letters on it. I went back to just constant vacuuming until seeing this. We got it right away and laid it out on the floor. You can set the pieces any way you would like we set it up just regular to try it out.

                                                        just the letters with no numbers yet

 The 36 pieces were great! It took up a lot of space but gives Xavier plenty of room to play and move around safely. I love how colorful it is. The numbers and letters can come out of the puzzle pieces to play with as well. We had a lot of fun showing the letters and numbers to Xavier.

                                                             without the borders

                                                             with the borders

    What is also nice about this puzzle mat is it also comes with border pieces to put along the edge. I will admit I do not use these on a daily basis as putting them on and picking them up would be extra work, but it makes the mat look much prettier and if you leave it out in a playroom or something all the time I would definitely put the borders on. I highly recommend the Imaginarium Alphabet and Numbers Foam Puzzle Mat 36 pieces. It has so many uses, we use it as a mat, but it is a fun puzzle you can put together, it makes cubes and blocks, and it is a wonderful way to help your child learn numbers and letters. It is recommended for 2 years old and older. As a mat though I did not find any problems with Xavier playing on it. As the foam is very durable. However, if your baby is a "chewer" you may need to be careful with the foam.

You can purchase your own Imaginarium Alphabet & Numbers Foam Puzzle Mat 36 pieces at

Toys R US 

for only $24.99 regularly priced

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