Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Good Morning Sweetie Pie

  We got this book from Nick's sister, Marianne and it has the cutest poems in it and pictures. Xavier loves it. I thought this was a cute poem to put up. Hope you all enjoy it!

This poem is from the book, Good Morning Sweetie Pie And Other Poems for Little Children By Cythia Rylant and Illustrated by Jane Dyer

Good Morning, Sweetie Pie
When the birds begin their singing
and the sun begins its sunning 
and the morning glories
open up all blue...
there's a mama or a papa
or a gramma somewhere saying:
"Good morning, Sweetie Pie,
how are you?"

And a child is slowly waking,
slowly taking his sweet time,
he's been flying in his dreams
the whole night through.
But his little ears hear someone
and he knows it's someone dear
who is saying: "Morning, Honey,
I love you."

There's a kiss upon a finger
and another on the nose
and a tickle on some tiny baby feet.
There's a wiggle under covers
and a giggle in the dark
and an "Oh, Cutie Dumpling, you're so sweet!"

And a child is peeking out now
on this warm and yellow day,
he is peeking at the dear one by his bed.
It is Mama or it's Papa,
maybe Gramma come to visit,
saying, "Where's that little Apple Sleepyhead?"

And the sleepyhead is up now,
he is rubbing sleepy eyes,
he is yawning big and stretching out his toes.
And his mama or his papa
or his gramma-come-to-visit
tells him, "Let's get us some cruncy Oaty-O's!"

So the child comes into morning
where the birds are gently singing
and the glories are still
blooming in the sun.
And he sits up at the table
with his dear one right beside him
who is saying:
"Morning, Angel, you're my One."

And then Sweetie eats his breakfast
while the dear one calls him "Sugar"
and a puppy licks
his little baby toes.
It is morning in the kitchen
and there's nothing could be better
than a dear one
and some cruncy Oaty-O's. 

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