Thursday, November 1, 2012

Xavier's First Halloween and Samhain

   Last night was an extremely eventful evening. It was a very exciting night as it was Xavier's first Halloween and Samhain. We had been planning all month as to what to do and what to be to make sure it was a special day for all of us. Nick and I love Halloween so we wanted to make sure Xavier had fun and really learned to love it as well and since we are pagan it is our Samhain which is a new year and day of the dead celebration, so we made sure everything was extra special.
    When Nick came home from work we got into our costumes and ate dinner together. Then, we did our Samhain celebration. We had set up an ancestor altar the night before and decorated it with things from the season such as; pumpkins, gourds, candles, leaves and trinkets from our loved ones who have passed on such as; pictures, jewelry, cards, etc. Next we read about the meaning of Samhain, lite all the candles, and learned about the wheel of the year. Then, we remembered and thanked all our ancestors and loved ones who have passed on for all the things we have learned and gotten from them.

    Even though it is a big religious holiday for us, we still like to celebrate the fun of Halloween like everyone else. However, we decided against trick or treating for a few reasons, it was cold (for us in the south), Xavier was cranky, and really I do not see much point when he is only 7 months old. So we just took him to our friends' houses in the neighborhood and showed him off then we finished with a quiet evening at home handing out candy to trick or treaters.

     I ended up having Xavier be a chicken for Halloween. We did not want to spend much on his costume this year as he was not really trick or treating much. So my theater degree and years of costuming experience finally came in handy. I was proud to have made Xavier's first Halloween costume and it was entirely free. I just made the cone on his hat and sewed some feet to his socks. The rest we had. Nick and I decided to be chicken farmers and we visited our local goodwill store for most of the outfit.
   All in all it was a wonderful evening followed by a beautiful full moon. It is always fun celebrating holidays with Xavier and starting new traditions.

I am doing a special for my blog followers:
- I will be posting pictures of children and pets dressed up for Halloween. Please send me a picture of your child and/or pet in a Halloween costume and I will post it on my blog. Please email pictures to and title it Halloween picture. Please keep picture size relatively small to be able to upload onto the internet. Deadline is November 3rd.
Hope you all had a great Halloween and Samhain.

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