Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Favorite Blanket

       This week my dad and soon to be step mom are visiting us. We have been having a lot of fun with them and Xavier has been enjoying getting to know them even better. What was great was my step mom, Angie made Xavier a new blanket. He loves it! It was perfect because he was just starting to out grow all his baby blankets and since it is getting colder he needed something a little heavier. He loves this blanket so much it is all he cuddles. I will put him in his crib and it is the first thing he reaches for and he always smiles while he is cuddling it. He does not even seem to like his giraffe anymore as long as he has his blanket he is happy. I think it is great because he goes to sleep much easier. I think it is funny that when we have children we teach them to be able to sleep alone and then when you master sleeping alone and even maybe get your own bed you want and room the way you want you fall in love and have to learn to share your bed and bedroom all over again. I guess it just proves how much life is one big circle.

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