Friday, November 16, 2012

The Camera Ham

 So far in the short time that Xavier has been around he has always been a camera ham. I am convinced it is a combination of genetics (both Nick and I love to be on either side of any and all cameras) and the fact that he has had a camera in his face since he has been born. It is no surprise that my child lights up the minute he notices  you taking a picture of him. He will definitely flash you a smile, a smirk, even a side ways glance. There have been a couple times when he is out with family and friends and people are taking pictures. If he is not in the picture and he sees you taking the picture he will babble and flap his hands and try to move to get you to put the camera on him. I am not making this up. It does not have to even be Nick or I who are taking the picture. He somehow knows a camera when he sees one and he even seems to get phones sometimes. Although you may be able to slip a picture by him better with a phone.
   The other day he had a play date with two other babies.  One of the moms was taking a picture of her baby. When Xavier was in an exersaucer behind her. He noticed what she was doing and he started talking really loudly. "Aaahh, Aaahh" he would cry and flap his arms and try so hard to move towards her. I told her what he was doing. I am not sure she totally believed me when I told her until she turned the camera on him and he flashed this pose. Some things in life you just cannot make up. Children definitely make your life interesting.

Here are some other photos throughout Xavier's life with him posing for the camera. Notice my photography skills are improving.

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