Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Review: Chicco Caddy Hook On Chair

      One of my favorite things that we have recently bought is this Chicco Caddy Hook On Chair for Xavier. We had a regular high chair, with all the bells and whistles and although it was very nice, it ended up not being very practical. It was huge, had a ton of tiny crevices that are hard to clean and just is way too much. I try to be a minimalist as much as I can with a baby. We ended up buying this Chico Caddy Hook On Chair as an extra high chair to bring to travel with. All of our family live out of town and we needed something for Xavier to be able to eat in, so we thought this would work well. This chair not only works well for traveling it works so well that I now have made this Xavier's primary high chair at home.
  The Chicco Caddy Hook On Chair is extremely lightweight. It fits any table top up to 4 inches thick with a table skirt up to 6 inches thick. It is machine washable and wipe clean and has a safety harness and quick-grip table clamping with rubberized arms that firmly grip the table without leaving marks or pinching fingers. The Chicco Caddy Hook On Chair is for children weighing up to 37 pounds and the chair itself only ways 7 pounds and folds compactly.

   I like that this chair is easy to put on the table and extremely easy to clean. You really can just use a wet cloth to clean it and there are no crevices to worry about. Plus, you can even hook it on to the corner of a table. That came in handy at Thanksgiving so that Xavier can sit at the big table and not take up too much room. There is plenty of room to grow in this chair. You can easily see how safe and sturdy it is and how the design is flawless and should last a very long time. The only things I noticed about the chair that could use improvements were that it does not "fold compactly" very easily. However, the chair in general is lightweight so if it does not fold completely it is still small and easily portable. I just could not get it to look so straight and flat to be able to walk down the street with it like the mom on the box. Secondly, I would not recommend this for young babies who cannot sit on their own. There is an adjustable strap in it but there is a lot of loose room in the chair for growth. Xavier really had to have the control to sit on his own or if you have a smaller baby that needs help you can put some towels around the baby for extra padding so they don't wiggle as much. All in all it is a wonderful chair that makes meals much more enjoyable. I love that Xavier is also at table height it encourages him to try new foods that he sees on the table and makes him feel just like one of the adults.
    You can buy the Chicco Caddy Hook On Chair at many retailers. I recommend
Babies R Us/Toys R Us
it sells for $34.99 and is well worth the money!

   No products,compensation or services were given to me for the purpose of this review. All opinions are 100% my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC guidelines.

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