Friday, November 9, 2012

Playground Visit

    I have been really excited to be able to take Xavier to new places and try new things. As he gets older I realize there are more and more things that he can do. He can crawl now and move better so I thought we could try taking him to the playground for a little while and see how he likes playing on things.
   Unlike most of the new experiences that go over well with Xavier this was not one of them. Perhaps I offered the playground a little early for him. We took him to the park on a nice day and it really was just him no other children. (not sure where they all were). We of course tried out the swings first. This was the best expression I got from him. Perhaps he is too used to his baby swing that he sometimes naps in because the playground swing seemed to put him to sleep as well. Then we tried the slide. Nick went down with him and we tried him on his own. Xavier did not cry or laugh to be quite honest he seemed downright bored with the whole thing.
   Perhaps it was too late in the day and too close to his nap, or the fact that this park had no other children in it or perhaps he is still a little too young for the playground. I think we will have to wait another month and try it again. I was hoping to get him to like playing outside a little more but I think I will just have to be patient on this.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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