Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Moving Backwards

 When you hear the term "baby steps" you will realize when you actually have a baby where it comes from. Every mile stone your baby has is big but they are each a little step. You baby doesn't just start eating all solid foods, or start walking and talking. They do little things like swallow mushed up food, say a couple of words and start crawling.
    I had known we were not far from the crawling stage. I would put Xavier on his mat in the middle of the room to play and slowly he kept moving farther and farther off the mat. First it would take him about 15-20 minutes to get off the mat then 10 minutes, then 5 minutes and now it is whenever he decides to. The other night I actually watched him in his determination set his sights on something and crawl towards it. Well, perhaps not "towards" as he crawls backwards. Yup, you read that correctly. My incredible, smart, loving little boy has decided not only is he ready to crawl but he is going to crawl backwards. As I was sitting on the couch reading and watching him on his mat from the corner of my eye I realized that corner was empty. I felt a little tap, tapping on my leg. Xavier had scooted himself backwards to the couch to me to tap me. I then proceeded to play with him to get him to crawl some more and he did but backwards. He scoots his legs and butt and moves like a backwards crab. I am not totally sure he even knows how to crawl forwards yet, as I have not noticed him doing that. However, he is very proficient at the backwards crawl.
   Needless to say I have now been promoted to the next chapter of being a mom. I can now add "chasing my son" to my list of daily duties and I can add baby proofing to the list of "must do right away". It is one of the many things you look forward to as a parent when your infant begins to crawl and you realize how fast time has already flown by.

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