Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Baby Has A Bath Today


  I love bath time pictures. They are so adorable and children look so innocent in them. Xavier loves taking a bath. We are very fortunate that he still fits in his tub in our kitchen sinks. We are delaying the big bath tub as long as possible to save our backs. This picture was taken the first time Xavier started playing with his rubber ducky in the bath tub. I thought it was cute.

This poem is from the book,  Good Morning Sweetie Pie and Other Poems for Little Children By Cynthia Rylant.


Baby has a bath today,
he takes his teddy bear.
He fills his hands with baby soap
and washes Teddy's hair.
His mama washes Baby's ears
and Baby's pretty neck.
She rubs a cloth on Baby's legs
and gives his toes a check.
When Baby and his teddy
are all bright and squeaky clean,
Mama dries them off and then
they eat a tangerine. 

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