Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Visit From Gram and Poppa

   We were very excited for Thanksgiving this year because that meant that Xavier would finally get to see his Grandma and Poppa. They were here when he was born but we have not been able to see then since so Xavier and them had a lot of catching up to do. Of course, he took to them right away and thoroughly seemed to enjoy their visit as much as Nick and I did.

Xavier enjoyed listening to music and making funny faces with Poppa. Poppa made sure to check out Xavier's toys and make sure they were fun to play with.
Grandma made sure to kiss and cuddle Xavier as much as possible. Xavier's cheeks were grandma's territory for the week.

Xavier also got his first taste of Italian food when grandma made him his special pastina just for him. (Notice the bib). He loved grandma's pastina and meatballs. "Thanks Grandma"

    I think the best part was watching them all get to know each other better. Grandparents are so important to children and I am so glad they are such a big part of our family. We cannot wait to see them again soon.

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