Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Xavier Goes To The Fall Festival

     Fall is Nick and my favorite time of year.  We have been so excited to be able to share all our favorite things with Xavier in the hopes that he will love them as well. I have been marking our calendar with tons of fun fall things to share together. This past weekend we decided to go to the Poplar Grove Plantation Fall Festival. Nick and I had never gone before but we have heard good things and it sounded like a lot of fun. I was excited to break out the big stroller ( I use a small umbrella stroller just for walks around our neighborhood, but the big,  nice stroller we take places with us ). I knew Xavier would not be able to do the haunted things and bounce houses however they did have a petting zoo and hayride that we thought he would like.
     Xavier likes to pet his cats and dog that we have so I thought the petting zoo would  be great for him. Unfortunately, the goats only came near you if you had food, but he liked looking at them and he got to pet a little pony that he smiled and laughed at. Plus it was fun to point out all the different animals to him, better then just looking at pictures in books.

   After walking around for a while and taking in the sights we took Xavier on his first hayride. I  was very disappointed to find out that there is no actual hay on this "hayride" really should call it a wagon ride instead. However, it was a nice wagon ride and it was worth it when the wagon started moving and Xavier let out a squeal of excitement and he ended up laughing and clapping the entire way. Everyone on the wagon was watching this baby who clearly was enjoying the ride more then anyone else!
   They had lots of pumpkin patches throughout the festival so Nick and I took advantage of all the photo opportunities to get Xavier next to fall decor!
   This was a great fall festival and we really enjoyed ourselves and I know Xavier loved every second of it. We are definitely going to be repeating this festival every year.

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