Thursday, October 25, 2012



    Today we decided to go early vote for the presidential election. I highly recommend early voting if you are able to in your state. There are no lines and there are  many locations and hours to choose from.  Believe it or not this is Xavier's second election, but first presidential election. I like taking him with me. It is important to try to take your kids with you when you vote to let them see what part each of us play in our country and how important it is to vote and let your voice be heard. It is much easier to vote with children if you go to the early voting. I was especially glad I had him in the wrap as while I was voting he wriggled his arm free and tried to vote for himself on the screen. I guess he thought it was a giant "nook" like the one I let him play with at home. So if you bring your infant voting with you, watch flying hands they may vote for someone you did not intend to.

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