Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Reaction

 Believe it or not I have been debating about telling this story. I did not want to frighten any new moms. However, as time has gone by I have realized it is a good lesson for new moms to hear to not get so worried, plus it is funny now that I can look back on it.
   It started the first day we gave Xavier solids. ( See post, Bon Appetite Xavier ). We picked a Saturday morning and unlike most kids Xavier actually ate a lot of the millet cereal that I had made for him that morning. Nick had to work that day and left Xavier and I alone. His car needed a new battery at the time and he did not have time to fix it so I said, no worries just take mine we are not going anywhere tonight anyway. 
   At around 5pm, after a fun day of Xavier and I playing together I decided I would give him some more millet cereal, as they recommended trying to feed him twice a day. So I fed him and after the mess decided I better bathe him as well. We had just opened a new bottle of Disney baby lotion. I decided that since I would give him a bath I would try the Disney baby bath stuff as well. I have discovered that sometimes mixing different bath and lotion products leaves Xavier smelling like a crazy floral bouquet and I thought I would try to make him smell the same with bath and lotion. So he has a nice calming bath and I whisk him out and I am putting lotion on him when suddenly he is all red and blotchy with what looks like a rash! This is at about 7pm. I assume it is from the millet cereal. We were told when we started feeding him to look out for rashes in case he is allergic to anything.
   I did the mom panic thing. I called the doctor and tried not to freak out. I panicked not having my car the one Saturday night and realizing there is not a neighbor home. The only thing keeping me sane was the fact that Xavier didn't seem to notice he had a rash. He seemed completely not bothered and in fact in a good mood.  Finally when I talked to the doctor he did not seem to think it was the millet cereal as it is very mild and rare for a baby to be allergic to millet cereal and suggested allergies or something. However, he assured me whatever the reaction it should not get any worse so I did not have to worry about anything. So I put Xavier to bed, still not sure what on earth was wrong with him, but still assuming it was the millet cereal.
   When Nick finally came home later and I told him about the crazy night I had he could not figure it out either. Until I mentioned I gave him a bath with the new soap. The "bell" went off. Nick has allergies to soaps. I already knew that, we have to use Tide detergent because of it, and I also remembered I was allergic to certain soaps as a baby. Needless to say we kept feeding Xavier the millet cereal and no longer gave him a bath with the Disney soap and no more allergic reactions.
   It is crazy that a simple baby soap would irritate Xavier's skin but I should have thought of that over the millet cereal as soap allergies run in our family but food allergies do not. I think it is a good lesson though to really look at the whole picture when something happens to your baby to make sure you do not just think it is one thing. I do believe if I had not been ready for a food allergy I would have thought of the soap right away. Well, lesson learned,  no more Disney soap for us!

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