Friday, October 26, 2012

The Lemon

     Yesterday, when we did our early voting we decided to do some shopping for our Halloween costumes and go out to lunch. Since Xavier is now eating more and more solid foods and seems to be loving everything. I always look for things we can let him try. There was not much that we ordered that he can have yet, but I noticed the lemons that we had and realized he can try the lemons. Thinking this would be the best face yet that he has made I had my phone camera ready. (sorry did not bring the good camera). This was his "lemon face". Believe it or not it was not as bad as we thought, he actually had a worse face when trying baby oatmeal for the first time. He hates bland foods and since lemons are anything but bland, he actually liked the lemons. Although when we thought about it we figured he would like lemons as both Nick and I do and I must drink gallons of lemonade while I was pregnant and while I still nurse him. However, I thought that it was still worth posting the "first lemon face". Hope everyone has a great weekend we are headed out for some Spookatcular fun!

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