Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Fizzle

     When we started Xavier on foods as well as breast milk they had mentioned to us that now is a good time to start trying a sippy cup as well. I broke out the sippy cup and filled it with water at first and would try it with his food. The novelty of food was so new to Xavier I took a small hiatus from the sippy cup. I lately had been trying to reintroduce the sippy cup to Xavier. However, he does not understand it. He does not seem to like water in it and when I tried breast milk he still was not crazy about it. The best I ever got from the sippy cup was that he would open his mouth let me pour the water into his mouth and then he would spit it out. Sort of like a mouth wash. Rather then let him use the sippy cup to cleanse his palette. I decided to take a break from the sippy cup again.
   Xavier loves trying food and has had no problems eating anything so we have gotten more brave in letting him try different foods and textures. The other day Nick was drinking a seltzer water. We love seltzer water in our house it is just as good as water yet it is carbonated. It is not to be confused with club soda which has the added salt in it. Seltzer has no additives and is only carbonated water. (If you get bored of drinking plain water you may want to try seltzer). He decided to give Xavier a taste. Xavier made the funniest face tasting the bubbles and he opened his mouth for more. We decided to put some in a cup for Xavier to try and he took to it immediately. That is not to say a lot did not end up on his shirt, but it is only water. However, he understood the cup much better then the sippy cup. I realized that he watches Nick and I drink out of glasses or cups all the time, but yet never sees anyone use a sippy cup. I don't know how to teach him to use a sippy cup when we do not use one. So he did understand the idea behind the cup and of course he was going to do whatever it  takes to try this fizzling wet stuff that he loved so much. Needless to say it was quite a sight but I am glad we tried it because now we know he can practice with a cup and try many different drinks, ones that fizzle or not.

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