Monday, October 8, 2012

The First Muppet

    Nick and I are very big Muppet fans. When the Muppet movies came out we would see them together. We loved them before we even had a kid. Now that we have Xavier we could not wait to share our love of The Muppets with Xavier. We have been  slowly introducing him to them. You know reading books with the Muppet characters putting on the Muppet movies and Sesame Street.
   When Xavier was about three weeks old we took him to Babies R Us to get some much needed essentials. They had a Muppet aisle! Nick and I were in heaven. We played with the Muppet puppets. The sad part was it took a few minutes to realize that we should show the puppets to our new baby. We had too much fun playing together. So throughout the past few months every time we went to Babies R Us we would play with the Muppets in hopes Xavier would love them as well.
   Yesterday all of our hard work had paid off. We went to the Muppet area of Babies R Us and picked up the Muppet Puppets. Xavier squealed with delight and did a bunch of huge belly laughs at Fozzy Bear. He was having so much fun and laughing so loudly that other customers came over to watch the baby laughing so hard at Fozzy Bear. It was a proud moment for us, especially me as Fozzy is my favorite. Therefore, we had to purchase the Fozzy puppet as Xavier's first Muppet. It already paid for itself when we were stuck in a long line waiting to check out and the Fozzy bear was keeping him laughing and squealing with delight instead of crying like many others stuck in the long line.
   This morning I broke out the Fozzy puppet and he got just as much enjoyment out of it. So glad he now has a love of The Muppets like Nick and I.

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