Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pass It On Down

    This past weekend we went to visit my sister and her family. We had a great visit and we were very fortunate in the fact that we got a giant box of boy clothing for Xavier. It was from my sister's sister in law who had two boys as well as my sister who has two boys of her own. What was neat was as we were going through it my sister would remember her boys wearing something and it got passed to her sister in law's two boys and now it is getting passed on down to Xavier. I have never been one that has hated hand me downs. Even for myself but especially for Xavier since children rarely wear out clothes they out grow them so fast I am happy to have hand me downs for Xavier. He has been lucky to get some hand me downs already and we are fortunate to now have gotten a ton more just in time for winter.
   I took this picture as this was a jacket that we knew for sure has been handed on down the boys. It started with Jimmy, then Sam, Joey, Vinnie and now Xavier. This jacket looks brand new and I am pretty sure it will be saved for our next bundle of joy because we rarely need warm jackets here in North Carolina. I think it is really special for Xavier to be able to share things with his cousins and we are very fortunate that they live near each other and are so close in age.

On a Side Note:
  Just wanted to wish everyone a safe and Happy Halloween and Samhain. I will be posting our festivity fun tomorrow.


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