Monday, October 1, 2012

Bon Appetite Xavier

   The time has finally come when my baby boy can finally try solid foods. Well, more solid then just breast milk. We had decided to wait the whole six months before introducing anything but breastmilk. Honestly, why people do solids earlier I have no idea. I figured the rest of our lives Xavier will be eating us out of house and home so for six months he is free. He will never be free again. I have made it a big point to make sure that we do not rush things with Xavier. We try to enjoy what he is in the now and not push him to do new things. There is plenty of time for that.
   After his six month check up and his six month shots, we decided we would embark on the trying of solid foods. Obviously since I love to cook I really wanted to try to make my own baby food including his cereals. I realize he will eat processed food sooner or later but I figured the longer we try to keep him on healthy foods the better and for the most part we are very healthy eaters. Stay tuned for tomorrow's post on how to make your own millet cereal for baby food.
   We picked a Saturday morning when we were not rushed to start Xavier's first food. I made a millet cereal and I made a point for his first meal to make something we can all enjoy. So I mixed it up for Xavier, Nick and I. We sat down at the table and Xavier finally got to sit in his highchair which he was very excited about doing. We also introduced the sippy cup with him as well filled with a little water.
      I started the feeding process and Xavier was very enthusiastic. He opened his mouth very wide and let the spoon in and took in the majority of food. I would say out of about 3 tablespoons of food he ate about 1 to 1 and a half which was more then I expected. He seemed to like it. Of course it was mixed with some breastmilk. He didn't seem to like the water in the sippy cup. After I fed him for a little while I let Nick try to feed him. It was definitely fun.
   Xavier is on millet cereal for the week, twice a day. So far it is getting better every day. I look forward to trying lots of baby food and things with him. Life is always an adventure with a baby.

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