Monday, September 24, 2012

Xavier's First Mabon

     We have been very excited to celebrate Mabon/Autumn Equinox this year. Although  Xavier has been around for a few other holidays now that he is almost 6 months old he can really participate. The last couple of months we have really noticed that he actually tries to do things other then eat and sleep. It is neat to watch him try to play with toys or figure out our pets or even notice everything we do. So we were very  excited to celebrate a holiday with him so "into" everything. Of course this is now the holiday season so we will have tons of chances to celebrate from now on.
    Autumn in general is very exciting in our life. Not only is it big in our Wiccan religion, but it is also Nick and my favorite time of year. We love the colors, leaves, food, festivals and best of all the cooler weather. We love fall so much we made a point to get married in November.
    Mabon is also the first Wiccan holiday we have been able to celebrate with Xavier. I have been reading a lot of parenting books and magazines to get fun ways to celebrate and teach our religion to our children. As one thing about our religion is there is no Sunday school so it is up to parents to teach their children. We decided to keep it simple for now.
   First, we read about what the Autumn Equinox is and what it means. Then, Mabon also celebrates animals/pets so we did a pet blessing to our dog Vito and two cats Yuna and Zeus. This was particularly fun as you were to sprinkle your pet with salt water and say a nice blessing. Vito, our black lab, loved the water and extra attention. The cats, Yuna and Zeus were not so enthusiastic, even though I made their sprinkle extra light. Perhaps next year we will have extra treats for them all. Next, we lit candles and said what we were thankful for.  We ended the evening by a wonderful relaxing night on the porch followed by a Mabon staple of baked apples. Since Xavier is getting ready to start foods soon, I decided to let him have a pinch of smashed apple. He seemed to enjoy it immensely so I am definitely looking forward to starting solids soon. (Stay tuned for that blog post).
     Holidays definitely have new meaning with a child. You really make sure you celebrate and make them memorable. I know I have lots of memories of great holidays with my family. I can only hope that Xavier will have the same.

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