Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Six Month Mark

    We have made it to the halfway mark. Halfway through Xavier's first year of life. Halfway through babyhood; which apparently is only the first year. I cannot believe how fast the time goes. It is true what they say. I have to admit we were thoroughly warned to treasure every second because it goes by so quickly. They were right it does. The days seem long, but weeks, months and I suspect years go by quickly.
   It is funny though that unlike most things in my life I do not long to go back to the days when Xavier was younger. Many times in life you say "oh I wish I could go back to...." because that was the best time. However, with Xavier I do not feel that way. I have to admit as far as the first six months. Things seem to get better and better each month. Although I have loved having a baby the entire time. I am much more in love with Xavier now and I appreciate him even more now then I did when he was younger.
   When Nick and I are asked about Xavier's first months we really do not remember much. The first month in general is one giant blur. Someone asked me once when his umbilical cord stump fell off and I said "I have no idea, sometime during the first month, must have went with a diaper probably in a sleepwalking diaper change situation". The first few months were a big adjustment for Nick, Xavier and myself. Everyone is healing and adjusting and getting to know each other. Not to mention babies suck a lot out of you at first and do not give a lot back. It was not until he really smiled at me that you realize how great it truly is to be a parent. You know that you are the one they turn to. That no matter how many smiles, laughs, hugs and kisses they give their aunts, uncles, friends, grandparents, etc. nobody compares to their parents. They turn to their parents when they want to love and laugh and show off their accomplishments to. They want to get your approval and enjoyment. When your baby does that to you, you will melt and it makes all the pain, sleepless nights and messy days worth every second.
      I am totally in love with Xavier now. Six months is so much fun. He is truly happy all the time and does not cry much. He has his own personality now and likes to try to talk to us and show us things. It is amazing to watch him learn. Right now he is doing "the worm" all the time on the floor trying so hard to crawl. He is very ready to move.
    I do hate that his monthly milestones are met with shots at the doctor. Luckily, we take his monthly pictures before the doctors appointments as he is sick afterwards. My poor baby got five shots today, as we opted for the flu shot as well. Before we even put him to bed he was miserable. As much as we hate to see him miserable and sick, I do not mind as much that at least I know what it is and how to take care of him. I have made sure there is little to do tomorrow so I can spend all day cuddling, coddling and nursing him to help him feel better. I'm sure by this weekend he will be his usual bouncy and fun self again. That is what is so incredible about babies they have an amazing ability to bounce back from whatever ails them. It is something we all should remember as adults to forgive and bounce back.

Xavier at one month
Xavier at two months

Xavier at three months
Xavier  at four months
Xavier at five months
Xavier  at six months

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  1. Oh my gosh I LOVE this boy! He is getting so big I can't stand it! He will be chasing Cameron around the yard before we know it. Love you guys!



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