Friday, September 14, 2012

The Shower

     If you have an infant and have not tried showering together yet; here is some advice. It does not work very well. We usually bathe Xavier in his infant tub in the sink. We love this arrangement as does he. He lounges in a bubbly bath while we scrub him and have a towel all ready to whisk him to his lotion rub down and massage.  ( Life is rough for a baby ).
   Yesterday, I tried a different approach. We have blowouts very often right now ( for information on what a blow out is read my August post of The Ick Factor ). Xavier was sitting on my lap in the living room. We were laughing and playing quietly. I picked him up to give him a big hug and kiss and as I turned him around there it was. What had to be about the grossest moment since having him. Poop! All up his back and all on my lap and legs. ICK! Many times I yell for my husband to help when it is a blowout, one of us bathes baby the other gets to shower. However, he was not home during this occurrence. Not entirely sure what to do with such an enormous blowout ( I can usually handle normal ones on my own but this was no normal blow out ). I striped Xavier and I and threw our clothes in the washer and both of us got into the shower together. I did not want to do a bath as I was afraid the poop would just be floating in the tub. So we showered. I have such a great baby. He actually loved the water and showering with me. However, it was very slippery. He was sliding all over me and I could barely hold him without dropping him. I am pretty sure you are not supposed to shower with an infant. I knew it would be hard, but I was hoping just continually keeping that in my head would help, but not so much. Luckily, Xavier just thought it was fun to be sliding any which way around and me trying to grab any little piece of his body I could to keep him up. It was a very funny scene. Afterward, at least we were both clean and ready for nap time. I now know not to attempt that again for a very long time.

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