Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Mini Vacation Time

                                                        Myrtle Beach, SC at sunset

      This past Labor Day weekend we tried out our first attempt at a vacation with baby in tow. We decided that a perfect long weekend would be the best to try, just a mini vacation to get used to things and make sure everything went well. We have gone to visit family for a weekend here or there, and we went with family but it is different at a hotel and around tourist areas then in the comfort of family.
     We were invited to go to Myrtle Beach with my sister and her family. We thought it was a great chance to take Xavier on vacation as we had been to the exact hotel and things before. It definitely came in handy to have an idea of what to expect from the hotel and such before going.  However, that did not help on what to pack. The hotel was on the beach and had a lot of fun swimming things for kids to do. We were not sure what Xavier would and would not like and what we should bring for him and not. We ended up deciding on bringing his pack and play, bumbo seat, beach cabana, umbrella stroller, water wrap carrier, regular swimsuit and life vest swim suit, some toys and regular necessities such as clothes and diapers. All in all we made great decisions. It was a great idea to bring the umbrella stroller and water wrap, they were both life savers for Nick and I.  We ended up using just about everything with exception to the beach cabana because most of the time we were at the pool and just played on the beach in the evening as it was very crowded and hot.

                                                     Xavier and Nick in the lazy river
     I am always amazed at Xavier's amusement of things. I cannot help but always wonder when we plan things if he will enjoy them or even notice much. He was in a great mood the entire time and generally seemed to really enjoy himself immensely. When we got there we headed straight down to the pool. He loved seeing his aunts and his cousins. We put him in his life vest swim suit and tried him out in the pool. It took a little warming up for him at first, but soon he ended up loving it. It is neat to see his reactions. I can really tell how much more confidence he has in trying new things when we are with him. My husband and I held him in the pool and his young cousins were talking and making funny faces with him and he soon enjoyed it a lot. His favorite thing was going in the lazy river with his dad. He loves just riding along in a tube all day. His cousins are 6 and 10 and it was really neat to see him interacting with them. He would laugh and babble and stick his tongue out at them. You could really see Xavier trying to do what they do. It was cute. I think in a few years we will definitely have our hands full.
   I always enjoy going to family friendly places now that I have a child I appreciate them even more and it is neat to see all the different ages of kids and what we are going to experience. Although I cannot wait to experience every age with Xavier, I am happy to wait and stay in the now. I think our 5 month old enjoyed our vacation as much as we did and seeing how much joy he was having really made us relax and enjoy ourselves, something we were in desperate need of. Since this weekend went so well we will have to look towards a much longer vacation next time.

                                Nick, Xavier and I on  our first mini vacation to Myrtle Beach, SC

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